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Our mission at Revarnish London is to enhance workplace wellness and productivity by providing employees with high-quality, on-site manicures and seated massage services. We understand the importance of self-care and wellness in the workplace, and our team of expert manicurists and massage therapists uses only the highest quality products and tools while always prioritizing hygiene and safety. Additionally, our goal is to create a convenient and enjoyable experience for your team, empowering them to feel motivated and recharged throughout their workday. By partnering with Revarnish London, you can offer your employees a unique and luxurious experience that promotes stress-relief, and self-care. We believe that investing in employee wellness is essential for creating a positive and productive workplace culture, and we are committed to helping you achieve this objective.

Treatments we offer


For inquiries and bookings, kindly email us at hi@revarnish.london and provide the necessary details:


We operate throughout London and can extend our services to out-of-London locations upon request, with an additional charge for team transfers.

14-42 people depending on the treatment.

Yes, we can customize according to your preferences. We offer various packages, and we’d be happy to send them to you for your consideration before making a booking. Please feel free to email us.

We’d be happy to help, please let us know the size of your team so that we can better assist you. Kindly email us the details of your budget and the quantity for the booking.

A seated massage focuses on the upper body—neck, shoulders, and back—for quick stress relief. Done in a special chair, it’s a convenient and shorter option for relaxation without the need to remove your clothing.