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Revarnish London is looking for professional nail technicians, manicurist, and nail artist who want to pursue their career in nails. We are proud to only recruit the best talent


Earn up to £200 per day + tips.


Pick and choose the days and hours you would like to work.


Get a 50% discount on RC nail lacquers.


One-to-one training.

Job Perks

Bonuses & Weekly pay

Exciting job opportunities to travel abroad for fashion week. Work with celebrities, influencers, bloggers and press.

Company Events

Join us in exclusive events.

Role Requirements

The Revarnish London Nail Technician is an experienced, passionate, friendly individual with excellent customer service skills.

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Revarnish London

What We're Looking for...

The Interview Process

We will schedule the initial interview through a Zoom video call. For the second and final interview, we will request an in-person meeting to observe your work style and provide you with a nail treatment to complete. Following that, we will inform you of the outcome within 48 hours, and if you are successful, you will receive one day of training before being ready to commence work promptly.

Apply to work with us

Please email with your CV and cover letter. Someone will be in touch within 5 working days should you be successful.

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